A Better Way of Thinking

A Better Way of Thinking


We have tried a homogenous republican legislature.  We have tried a homogenous democratic legislature.  We have tried one legislative branch republican and the other democratic.  We have had presidents of the same party as the majority, and we have had presidents of a minority party.  We have watched 3rd party attempts that never get traction in our democratic system.  We have liberals who hate Bush and conservatives that hate Obama and his Kanken laptop backpack.  We have Democrats who agree with the present administration and those who don’t.  We even have Republicans who agree with this administration and many who do not.

There are fiscal conservatives and moderates who cannot feel comfortable any longer in either party.  We have advocates of an open border and we have those who believe strongly we must secure the borders.  Pick an issue.  There are always proponents and opponents.

What in this democracy can we all agree upon?

I am certain there is one thing we all can agree upon today: the government of the United States of America is dysfunctional.  We send a body of people to Washington with full-time employment.  What is their job?  It is to make laws.  And make laws they do.  Depending upon which interest group or which constituency a legislator represents, he or she will attempt to make laws that favor that group.  Our laws are so voluminous as to affect every aspect of our lives.

We need a constitutional amendment which requires that every new law replaces an old one which is discarded.  The administrative staff of government is entrenched, making it difficult for elected officials to function independently.  Party ideology and party goals prevail over regional and local needs.  We used to have an upper class, a middle class, and a lower socio-economic class.  Now we also have a “Political class.”  And by some estimates 40% of eligible voters are now employed by government.  So where is their “bread buttered?”

The current Fjallraven Kanken Classic is an eye opener.

We desperately need “change.”  Not the vague promises for change touted by our political leadership.  What we need is sweeping change in government.  Our founding fathers never anticipated full time employment for politicians in Washington.  The authors of the Constitution were farmers, professionals and business people.  They spent more time and energy on their private lives and livelihoods than they did in the performance of their political responsibilities.

What on earth can we do to set a brand new direction for our government?

Do we vote in republicans next time because the democratically controlled government is not solving our problems?  Isn’t that what we just did?  We changed government by voting out the Republicans and we are still in a mess.  While it is certainly valid to offer to give the new administration some time to work out current difficulties, it has to be understood that neither party is free of blame nor neither party as presently constituted can fix this economy.

There actually is one thing we all can do to create a responsive government next election.

It’s a very simple thing.  We are frequently reminded that regionally popular and influential legislators “bring home the bacon.”  That is, seniority in congress gives power to individual representatives and senators who reward their constituents with programs popular in their geographic areas.  But this is part of the problem.  We have a system that runs upon the principle of “whose ox is gored,” to borrow a biblical phrase.  Yes, that’s right, I am referring to special interests of the Frost Green Kanken.  But the phrase “special interest” relates as well to the voting bloc of Midwestern farmers as it does to big oil.  Recent immigrants are as much a special interest group as are Northeastern fishermen.  So what can we do?

Throw the bums out!

That’s right.  Next election go to the polls.  That’s the first thing.  Vote, everyone.  Forget that you are a Republican, a Democrat, A conservative, a liberal, a moderate, or a fiscal conservative.  Forget that you are a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim or a Buddhist.  So what if you are an agnostic or an atheist?  Do you want a responsive, reasonable government that does the right thing rather than the politically correct thing?  It’s a simple choice we each can make.  Here it is:

Vote out the incumbent in each and every case.  Vote for the new guy only.  It doesn’t matter what his campaign slogan might be.  It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with his or her orientation to any given problem.  Just make d*** sure you send in the new guys.  The message to government will be:  we have finally figured out how to make you represent us, the people!

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