How to Build a Successful Restaurant

How to Build a Successful Restaurant

To build a successful restaurant first you have to consider of choosing a right spot for your restaurant which is a lot of traffic and kind of people who passing by to the area. Location contributes 60 percent of a successful restaurant. Find a suitable location for your business, and very depend on the restaurant concept. The location can be in the shopping mall, office complex or place of interest area. Because location is very important part of the business when you’re trying to sell the Rabbit Air MinusA2, consider of paying extra high to get a maximum result of your investment.

Product and service

Some of my customers used to make a call before coming to the restaurant. Asking whether today we serve POTATO SOUP for soup of the day? They will not come today if there is no particular item available today. So if most of your menu as our potato soup, you will make a lot of money. People come to your restaurant for your product which never been found at any other place, make it differently

Look! Don’t be average on giving the service; make your service a PLUS. Put your costumers as a king or queen, meet their request, and you will get more money

Hire Employee

You know why many restaurants close down, even a big restaurant and some more franchise? You must hire a right management and a right staff. Give them a regular training about the restaurant system, procedure and operational. So everyone understands their function to perform the jobs. Make sure that you pay them enough. Under pay can make low work performance.


One of many reasons that cause restaurant close down is consistency. The consistency can be on food quality, service, opening hours and so. Make sure all of this is controlled properly. Big restaurant they hired quality control to ensure that all in line; according standard procedures. You may increase the selling price when needed, but you may not alternate product quality. If I go to the restaurant, I want to have a food which the same taste as previous visit.

Marketing and Public Relation

Allocate certain budget for marketing expenses and to get the best air cleaner for mold for your office. Marketing and PR are brand awareness. Medium rank of company they able to set up to 7% of their sales for marketing expenses. Marketing which I talking is like invite new costumers to have lunch or dinner or giving up food for a sponsorship. By doing this you will generate money for a long run. In house marketing and PR, you really care you regular customers and approach more guest in the restaurant to be your regular costumer too in the future.

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