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How to Get an Obese Cat to Lose Weight

How to Get an Obese Cat to Lose Weight


A cat is a living being, so like all living beings, obesity is a problem with cats. Obesity in cats can make them prone to different health problems like diabetes, foot problems, stomach aches, arthritis and osteoarthritis. So now you might be wondering that how can you tell if a cat is overweight? Well, the simple test for it is to run your hand across the belly of the cat. If you can’t feel the ribs, then your cat is overweight. Cat peeing on bed? It could be the weight. Here are some ways to get an obese cat to lose weight:

Veterinary Examination:

There are certain medical conditions which can lead to obesity in cats and an obese cat should be examined by a vet. The vet will determine whether there are medical conditions which can complicate obesity. The vet will also help you in developing a good weight loss program for your cat.

The vet will help you set realistic weight loss goals for your cat. You should know that the weight loss program takes time. In general, your aim should be to make the cat lose 1-2% of body weight every week.


There are many different foods available in the market. Some will make the cat full quickly whereas others will never keep the cat satisfied. You should find a food which the cat likes and which doesn’t create sudden spikes in the weight. You should give the following foods to the cat.

Meat based – Unlike humans, cats are carnivores and need meat based diets; they don’t do well with cereal and grain diets. Their hunger will never be satisfied with grain based diet. So you should look for ingredients which are grain free. How to get rid of cat urine smell? Try a meat-based diet.

Fiber – Fiber is quite important for cats because it helps in efficient digestion. But it is hard to find a meat based diet with high fiber content. You can add fiber in the diet of cat by two ways. You can either give a teaspoon of canned pumpkin to the cat or you can mix a teaspoon of Benefiber in the food of cats.

Reduce Treats:

You should reduce treats of cats because most of them are high in fat and calories. You should feed your cat before you eat. If you can’t stop giving treats to the cat, go for low-fat treat options like broccoli, cooked beans and commercial low calorie cat treats.

Treats shouldn’t exceed more than 10% of the daily intake. You can substitute treats with new toys. You can also give proper brushing to the cat in place of treats.


You should increase the activity level of your obese cat. It will help him to lose more calories. Exercise plans for cats are more difficult to make than dogs. Some cats can walk on a leash and it is a good exercise for cats. You can also let the cat walk in your garden for about ten to fifteen minutes. Other than this, you should also make the cat climb stairs as this will help in burning calories. Do female cats spray? Less if they exercise.

Buy Cat Toys:

You should buy some cat toys for the cat because it will give him the physical activity he needs. The trick here is to use such a toy which allows maximum body stretch and muscle flexing.

An obese cat can’t care for itself, let alone give you company. So you should follow these tips to help your cat enjoy a healthy lifestyle.