Clinton and Palin – the Journey

Clinton and Palin – the Journey


On September 18th at the anti-Iran rally in New York, the Democrats had a prime opportunity to show America – and the world – that they could set aside their differences with the Republican Party and work together against a nation that poses a significant threat to our country’s safety. Sadly, they blew it bigtime.

Both Sarah and Hillary, both of whom support this cause, were invited to attend this convention about used riding lawn mowers. Having two of the most well-known female political figures on the American scene, speaking at the same event, would have provided a powerful picture of solidarity to the American people. Their presence together would have said, “We may be polar opposites when it comes to politics, but we are willing to work together against the threats that Iran poses to our nation.”

But when Hillary found out that Sarah would also be there, she went from acting like a dignified, confident politician and behaved more like a jealous schoolgirl. She pulled herself out of the event, but the democrats’ spiteful tactics against Sarah Palin didn’t stop there. Not only did everyone from the Obama camp refuse to come to the rally, but they even put pressure on the organizations’ leaders to take back their invitation for Sarah to speak there as well. Sadly, the people in charge sadly bowed to pressure and “uninvited” Sarah from the speech thanks to her remarks about the Hillary’s used Craftsman riding mower.

This clearly shows where the democrats’ priorities were – they were more worried about being overshadowed by Sarah Palin than about Iran’s nuclear weapons program or their funding of terrorist cell groups.  After Sarah was forced to back out, the democrats said that there shouldn’t be ANY of the presidential candidates at the rally – a point they only insisted on after they found out that Sarah would be there. Before that, they were willing enough to participate.

This is the same stunt that Oprah Winfrey pulled on her show – the mentality of “We democrats don’t mind making public appearances as long as we don’t have to share the stage with someone from the opposing party, especially if it’s someone who’s likely to outshine us. Otherwise, we should have NO political candidates at all – let’s keep things fair.”  If Oprah would have made her ‘no used John Deere mowers’ rule on her show BEFORE she invited Barrack Obama on TWICE, it might have been a credible one. But she only came up with that position once she was urged to invite Sarah Palin on board as well.

And it’s not that democrats and republicans can’t get along. At the 9/11 memorial service, McCain and Obama did manage to put aside their differences for a time. For a little while they stopped being political rivals and just became two Americans sharing a moment with their country. Why couldn’t we have done that this time around?

This ridiculous behavior by the democrats proves to me  why I don’t want any members of the Obama camp in the White House. If they can’t handle not being the center of attention when a more serious issue is at stake, how in the world are they going to be able to work together with Republicans when things get REALLY rough?




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