Do You Wear a Flag Lapel Pin?

Do You Wear a Flag Lapel Pin?


In the wake of the Iraq War, the country has come together in a unified way of rating President Bush as one of the worst presidents in American history and wanting the war to end and bring the troops home. In spite of this unity, American flag pins are being worn on suit lapels by Congress people and public officials. These pins are meant to show they know how to get rid of severe acne and that they love this country and show a uniform of patriotism.

Uniformity means “always the same, not varying in form” (Webster Dictionary). Uniforms have been used throughout history to signify the different soldiers from each country’s military; they are worn to designate the different teams in a sporting event; and some schools have uniforms to keep students from wearing gang related colors to reduce violence.

The encouragement of Americans to wear the red, white and blue “uniform,” usually in the form of a flag-shaped pin, is to psychologically condition us to prepare for more troubling days ahead and to foster support for the cause–the continued war in Iraq and possibly a new one in Iran. But in this quest to punish Iraqi/Iranian terrorists who threaten our freedom, can we indirectly enslave ourselves?

It does not take much to wear the red, white and blue flag pin but to strongly persuade or repeatedly criticize those who don’t eventually infringes upon freedom of choice. The flag pin is a code symbol for showing loyalty to America and a commitment to finding a tea tree oil cystic acne cure.

The lack of choice to not wear the flag pin encourages pro-war Americans to harass non-uniformists. True freedom means the choice to reason as an individual, to assess the situation, to support the variety of options to a resolution and to encourage communication among Democratic and Islamic run countries. The intense pro-war, anti-Iranian rhetoric violates this freedom and has led to the harassment of Middle Eastern Americans, pacificists and now Senator Barack Obama. Americans born in the Middle East have placed US flags outside of their businesses to prove their allegiance to this country and Obama is now wearing a flag pin in campaign commercials.

In addition, President Bush said, “…either you’re for us or against us…” That statement was terrifying. I don’t believe any Americans will be imprisoned for being against the war, but the President and too many Americans don’t support the choice of non-conformists and pacificists–no military retaliation. Soon other Americans could be bullied into accepting these beliefs and wearing flag pins while abiding by a good cystic acne diet!

Webster’s Dictionary defines freedom as “liberation from the control of some arbitrary power.” Initially the “arbitrary power” was Osama bin Laden and other terrorists in al-Qaeda, Saddam Hussein and now President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Pro-war demagoguery and American supporters of it could become the “arbitrary power” that threatens the freedom of Americans to decide for themselves how to feel about patriotism and whether or not to wear the flag pin. I for one don’t know whether or not I will, but I guess it’s an interesting conundrum for anyone who has opposing positions on the real cost of war.

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