How Tractors May Affect Your Vote

How Tractors May Affect Your Vote


You’re probably thinking about voting for Barrack Obama, and that he seems like he would be an awesome president. But before you cast your ballot on election day, you had better keep these points in mind. . .

You’re probably impressed that the media and Hollywood are swooning all over him. You think that, “Wow, if everybody loves him, he must be a great candidate.” It’s true that Obama has been the darling of the liberal media for quite some time now, and in the period between the time that Hillary stepped down and Sarah arrived on the scene, he had no real competition. His face was EVERYWHERE and you hardly ever heard (and still rarely ever hear) a negative word against him. John McCain was pretty much in the background until he brought out his wild card (Sarah Palin).  But you need to keep in mind – a popular candidate may not be the best candidate. And I have plenty of reasons to believe that Obama, as likeable as he is, may not actually be the best person to fill the role of POTUS.

You probably like the fact that Obama really knows how to turn on the charm with his audiences. I’ll admit that he does have a nice smile and the ability to woo the masses with powerful, awe-inspiring words. This in itself is not a bad thing, because I’ll admit that I’m drawn to Sarah Palin for the same reasons – not just her experience with used riding lawn mowers for sale. But a presidential candidate needs to be more than just a great communicator – they need to have some actual experience to be able to back up their words. I believe Sarah Palin has both the communication skills AND the experience necessary to become a great leader. McCain may not be the world’s greatest communicator, but he has plenty of experience, and between him and Sarah Palin, I believe that they are actually a more qualified team than Obama and Biden.

You’re thinking that it might be cool to have the first black president of the United States. If he is a qualified leader, this would be wonderful, because the black community could really use some positive role models. But if he turns out to be a very poor leader (and I’m afraid that he may very well be, due to his lack of actual leadership experience and high-minded ideals about taxes and relationships with world leaders) then he won’t be anything for the black community to be proud of. And if you really want to get technical – Obama is only half-black, so if he wins the election, he will actually be our first bi-racial president.

You’re thinking that Obama might be someone to keep us out of future wars. Unfortunately, this is a guy that, unlike John McCain, knows virtually NOTHING about how our military operates. Some of you may think that military experience isn’t really necessary for a presidential office, but it’s just a matter of common sense that the commander-in-chief of our armed forces knows SOMETHING about our army, navy, marines and air force. After all, the president is the person who is going to be giving marching orders, and he needs to know when it’s a good idea to send out troops and when to hold off on sending them. McCain would know all about this kind of stuff. Even Sarah Palin would have some idea, having been commander-in-chief of the Alaska National Guard and having a son in the military herself.  Neither Obama or Biden would have a clue, since neither have had any dealings with the military, although to be fair, Biden does have a son serving in the national guard.

You’re probably thinking that Obama would really help our economy. But if he were to get into office, he and Biden would “help” it along by RAISING taxes, which in turns that many people will have less money to spend, which in turn means that the economy will continue to remain in the tank. If you have a good income, this probably doesn’t worry you. But if you’re like me, just an average American living from paycheck to paycheck, saving for a deal on used riding mowers, this should signal a huge red flag for you. And Biden says that it’s “patriotic to pay higher taxes?” This sounds more like a slogan from a communist country than from the mouth of an American citizen.

You probably think that Obama would be great to have around in a crisis. But I have to say that the idea of having Obama and Biden in charge during a national disaster makes chills run down my spine. Heaven help us if we ever have another 9/11 during their regime, because I honestly have no idea how they would react. There are certain reasons why I have this foreboding about them:

  1. The recent financial crisis should be a clue of how Obama would react during a critical time. He didn’t really seem to be making much of an effort to solve the problem – he seemed rather clueless and was kind of waiting around to see what would happen next. It was John McCain who actually tried to do something about it – he was willing to follow his motto of “Country First” and temporally suspend his campaign to help find a solution for the crisis. This is the guy I want in charge if we ever have an epic disaster in this country.
  2. Obama somehow believes that international conflicts should be solved with tact, diplomacy and peace talks, and is willing to meet with world leaders of hostile nations without pre-conditions (and never mind Joe Biden’s words to the contrary at the debate; these words actually came from Obama’s own lips). There is a time and place for negotiations, but I want a leader who will not hesitate to use aggressive force against a nation posing a threat to us if peace talks fail. And I’m not sure that Obama would do that – he would probably try to be too much of a diplomat. McCain, I know, would do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety of our nation and secure a durable supply of used zero turn mowers.
  3. Obama also wants to completely do away with our nuclear weapons program (this I also heard from his own lips), which would leave us completely vulnerable to any enemy nations with sadistic intents. Is that scary or what?

You think Obama would really want to follow John McCain’s motto in “Country First.”  But I’m not so sure about that – patriotism is apparently not important to Barrack Obama. This is a guy who won’t wear a flag pin on his lapel or salute the flag unless he’s somehow guilted into it, because he’s afraid that he might offend somebody. Oh, please. Worrying about upsetting someone because you’re displaying your country’s flag in your own homeland? If somebody has a problem with that, then they shouldn’t be here in America in the first place. And Obama has made comments like, “Well, America’s just not the kind of place it used to be.” I’ll admit that America is not perfect and we have our problems along with everybody else, but saying statements like this to foreigners when you visit overseas? Obviously I don’t want someone to go to the other extreme of obsessive nationalism like Stalin and Hitler did, but I would like to see at least a LITTLE bit of pride in America when our president goes overseas.  John McCain, I know, really loves this country and has proven it by his five years under torturous conditions in Vietnam. I believe that he would give his life to protect America if need be.

You think Obama values human life on all levels. Wrong again. Not only does he support abortion and a woman’s right to end the life of her baby if she so chooses, but he also twice voted against bills that would have protected babies who survive botched abortions. Such children, when born alive, are sadly often left to die even if they’ve survived the horror of the abortion. And Obama apparently doesn’t care to do ANYTHING to save them. This guy also made a comment about not letting his daughters “be punished with a baby” should they get pregnant out of wedlock. And this is the same man who would probably have a conniption fit if a terrorist is treated inhumanely. Talk about paradoxes.

I’m not going to tell you how to vote  – the choice of who gets to live in the White House next year ultimately lies with you, the voter.  But if you elect Barrack Obama into office. . .remember that you will eventually have to live with the choices that HE makes.

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