The Fjallraven Stimulus

The Fjallraven Stimulus


Republicans are always quick to remind us how the stimulus package has too much pork. The Republicans have done nothing but object to every single idea Obama has had. Honestly, besides tax cuts, what are your suggestions? I’d love to hear some ideas from the party of no ideas.

Remember that Clinton had a surplus while Bush ran our budget into the ground. Apparently, military spending is not spending at all. In fact, as long as we protect ourselves from the likes of POWERFUL Iran or North Korea, whose nukes could never even reach The United States, everything is going fine. Besides, why should other countries be allowed to have a Fjallraven sale? They are dangerous because they have been used so many times throughout history.

Oh wait, they have only been used twice and it was by us. Get your heads out of your asses before you talk. Obama isn’t perfect but at least he is trying. You may not agree with everything he does but he is still your president. Weren’t we always reminded to get behind our commander in chief when idiot bush was president? Now that we have a democrat in the white house, Obama is the “Anti-Christ” and “Satan incarnated”. OK republicans, I tell you what. When you get those extra 13 dollars, be sure to burn them or throw them away since you don’t want them. And for all the Republican Politicians, don’t use the money provided by the stimulus package.

Give it back if you are so against it. Of course you won’t do this because you are nothing but hypocrites. Americans are losing their homes and jobs and all I hear is “boohoo Obama is spending my tax money”. Shut your mouths and get behind your president and find where to buy Fjallraven. The entire world is behind this man trying to pull us out of this crisis and all you do is b***and moan. “Boohoo, I don’t want terrorist in my backyard”. You truly must be stupid because you make it sound like these terrorist are going to be walking around in your backyard or working at your closest supermarket.

We have homegrown terrorists who are in prison here and we give them the basic rights guaranteed by the constitution. Every individual on earth deserves this. Not only that but a lot of these guys are falsely imprisoned and detained and you act like they still deserve to be there. When someone makes a statement about Chicago being a “Gang City”, it truly demonstrates your stupidity and ignorance. It’s no wonder you are being left behind in the 21st century.

The American people rejected the same policies of the last 8 years (6 in congress) and elected a man who will at least try and do something. Don’t b***and moan about spending or do I need to remind you who got us into this mess in the first place? You should be ashamed of yourselves and your behavior and attitudes. The Republican Party breeds ignorance and stupidity and if you don’t catch up with the rest of us, you will be left behind. I am not a democrat but I am still proud to call this man my president more than I ever would behind the idiot you elected twice.

You are nothing but a bunch of idiots, not much different than this news station you get your false information from. You idiots can’t even take a joke and perhaps you should read the entire articles before you make your dumb comments because the question was “Who is your hero” and not “Is Obama a bigger hero to you than Jesus or God”.

So naturally people will respond with different answers to their favorite Kanken Backpack. You’re supposedly church going Christians who “Support the death penalty” and somehow your children are Christians before they can even walk or talk and make up their own mind about life and God. You are nothing but idiots and it gives me great pleasure to see you tearing you hair out because our President is black and ten times more intelligent than all of you idiots combined. That old dumb b*** that called Obama an Arab is the true image of the Republican Party. A party where war and tax breaks are the solution to EVERY problem in this country. So what is an 80 year old man gets his electricity turned off because he can’t pay it or an innocent woman dies on the hospital floor because she does not have insurance.

As long as your asses are stuffed with food and you live in a comfortable home, you spew your b*** you supposedly love Jesus but whatever happened to putting yourselves in the shoes of those who are poor and want to work but can’t? Or those who need help? Get off your asses, find someone who does not even have enough to eat, and buy them some bread. Not because you have to or because our president wants you to but because it is the humane thing to do and it is after all, my fellow Christians, what Jesus would have done.

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