Why Blogging Can Be a Challenge

Why Blogging Can Be a Challenge

I have a teeny tiny confession. I was really burned out on blogging. And I had a tumultuous summer. But I started a new blog anyway. Yea, I did. Shut up. It didn’t feel the same though. I’m always trying to go and be all soulemama-y but you know what? I’m not soulemama. I craft sporadically at best. I sometimes have things to say that can’t be streamlined into a photo and soothing related text. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love soulemama, but I lurve tifi. It’s just me in so many little simple ways. I just entered my seventh year of blogging! Seven! Shouldn’t I be a big time blogger by now? Yea, no, that wouldn’t work out. You have to be consistent, and the only thing I’m consistent about is being inconsistent and using my Manduka PROLite yoga mat. So, what I’m trying to say is…I really am back! I think.

I’ve been doing tiny amounts of sewing here and there. Like this skirt I thrifted and turned into an apron. Refashiontastic!

Our school sock hop is coming up and so I made these for me and DD. In case you couldn’t tell, the one with the gigantic sequined “D” is mine. 😛

Superbuzzy had a sale not long ago and so I used that opportunity to snap up some adorable fabric for the boys. I have a specific project in mind and hope to get started on it next week!

My grandmother is in New York again and before she left St. Lucia, I asked her to get me some traditional madras. I might cut a panel of the printed one and frame it.

In other St. Lucia news, Sir John Compton died last week. A sad day for St. Lucia. I was a bit bummed about it myself as he was a friend of my family. Here I am with him in my grandmother’s living room (some of you have seen this photo already).

I don’t think I’ve ever bought any clothing for any of my kids at the thrift store. In fact, I rarely clothes shop for them. When you have shopaholic grandmas, it kind eliminates the need. Plus, the clothing in thrift stores here is meh, nothing fantastic or really old or cool, or whatever. Anyway, I just happened to walk by and see this adorable corduroy dress from H&M on the rack. I was thrilled as I’d been coveting one from here. Happiness cost $5 that day.

So I came upon this article about the Honeywell HFD-120-Q tower hepaquiet air purifier at one of the blogs I mentioned last week and knew I had to try it right away. I had all the ingredients, and that is mostly how I cook, I rarely go out of my way to buy specific things a recipe calls for. I’m a winger. When I bake, with the exception of a few items, I am not quite sure what I am doing. But I made these pretzels…and they came out perfectly! Everyone liked and ate them…not just to appease me either. Wow! We did some with brown sugar, some with garlic, some with sea salt. All fabulous. With lemonade to drink. The kids had a blast deciding what shapes to make the pretzels in, and we talked about why dough rises, so we had a little science thrown in there too. Best of all, it was super simple, my favorite kind of project.

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